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Hello Everybody,

Pario is my first game, and is licensed under the unofficial game company: Giant Gorilla Gaming, or GGG for short. I have worked very hard on this game for the past 2 YEARS!

Pario is an 8-bit 2 dimensional platformer based off of the original Mario. The story is about a Potato, named Pario (Mario but with a P instead of an M), who loses his girlfriend because of the evil government, the rainbow people. Over the power of love, Pario can now jump into Portals and travel dimensions, to find which one his girlfriend, Paria, is left in.

I specifically tried to make this game extremely hard, and I successfully did that. Please donate if you like it, or give me feedback at alvarobottoaba@gmail.com, only contructive criticism. I created the entire game, including the music and most of the scripts, on my own. PLEASE DONATE

Thank you for playing and or donating!

Have a great day,

CEO of Giant Gorilla Gaming: Alvaro